For Optimum Performance with a Range of Advanced Features

Maytag Washing Machines

You can count on Maytag washing machines to handle load after load, day after day.

These fantastic washers feature superb designs combined with intelligent, intuitive programming and high quality engineering to ensure that each wash load is cared for to perfection. And with high spin speeds and large load capacity, you can rely on a smoother, more energy efficient performance of the washing machine, delivering outstanding results while saving you time and money.

The outstanding Maytag Washing Range features and options have been developed with your specific lifestyle needs in mind: simplify tasks, reduce effort, maximise energy efficiency:

  • 10 Year Induction Motor Warranty on selected washers.
  • Maytag Washing Machine Intellisense™ Technology: saves up to 50% on energy, water and time.
  • Fantastic Energy Rating: the Maytag washers feature a A-30% energy class rating which essentially means an energy saving of 30% over A class washers.
  • Large Load Capacity: Maytag washing machines boast up to 9kg load capacities, helping you wash more in one load, with less effort required.
  • Four Shock Suspension: this feature makes Maytag washers more steady and durable than other washing machines.
  • Antibacterial drawer: limits bacterial build up by reducing the residue creation in the drawer.
  • LCD Display : very user friendly and easy to read, giving you feedback on the status of the washing cycle.
  • Start delay: the Maytag washers can be set to delay the start of the programme by up to 24 hours
  • Clean+ option: this feature has the role to optimise the in-wash additive (if used) to get optimal wash performance on tough stain removal.
  • Easy Ironing Option: reduces creasing in garments.

10kg Washing Machine

MWA 10149 WH

Extra large 10kg washing machine, with Induction silent motor giving you a silent wash and sensor technology to save you up to 70% in time, water and energy.

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9kg Washing Machine

MWA 09148 WH/2

9kg washing machine with Intellisense technology, saving you up to 70% in energy, water and time plus Dosing Aid to recommend amount of detergent use per wash.

A+++ energy rating Intellisense advanced sensor technology
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8kg Washing Machine

MWA 08128 WH/2

8kg washing machine with A+++ energy rating and Intellisense® Advanced Sensor technology saving you up to 70% in energy, water and time.

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The Maytag brand stands for exceptional quality...

from the innovative designs on the drawing board, through the choice of only the finest material, to assembly by craftsmen who take a genuine pride in their work. But this attention to detail doesn't end the day you make your purchase. Maytag appliances are delivered by experienced technicians whose job it is to ensure your product arrives in first class condition... and in perfect working order. That's why at Maytag Laundry, Dishwashing and Refrigeration products enjoy a full 2 year parts and labour warranty.