Laundry Room Concept Drying Cabinet

DC 7573 / DC 7583

Say goodbye to drying clothes draped around the house, the traditional clothes airer and shoes and boots drying in the hall or on radiators - the Maytag drying cabinet takes care of it all, with the equivalent of up to 16 metres of clothesline and a range of racks and hooks. From washed clothes and wet coats to gloves, scarves, hats, shoes and boots, it has an amazing capacity to help keep your home tidy.

- 3.5kg Capacity - equivalent to 16m clothes line

- Vented Auto Programmes

- Warm Towels Programme

- LED Display

- Synchronised Aesthetic with other Maytag Laundry Room Concept products

- 170cm High  - DC 7573

- 184cm High  - DC 7583

3.5kg load capacity
Key features
Key benefits
16m Clothes Line
With three rows of pull-out hangers, a Maytag drying cabinet provides you with the equivalent of up to 16 metres of clothes line. Your clothes dry naturally with warm air circulating around them, so you get as fresh a result as you would hanging them outside to dry on a breezy, sunny day.
Dry Clothes Gently
The drying cabinet is particularly kind to sensitive fabrics like silk lingerie and cashmere sweaters, drying them gently to perfection with no shrinkage or bobbling. For all those traditional natural fibres and sensitive new materials which can’t be tumble dried, it’s the perfect solution - now there’s no need for that unsightly clothes airer.
Warm Towels Programme
This feature enables you to heat up your towels or robe - perfect for getting up in the morning or stepping out of the shower
Get Organised
The drying cabinet helps you organise your home. There are racks for drying and storing shoes and boots, clothes and linen and other accessories like gloves and hats - all those bits and pieces that otherwise get spread around your house and sometimes seem to go missing!
Auto Programmes
Simply choose the desired programme and the cabinet will optimise the energy consumption and switch off automatically when the contents are dry.

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