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- Freestanding Dishwasher

- 11 Litre Water Consumption

- 13 Place Settings

- A+ AA Energy Rating Washing & Drying Performance

- Maytag Intellisense® Advanced Sensor Technology

- LED display for salt and rinse aid

- 42 dBA noise level

- 7 Programmes: Intellisense® steam 40°C, Intellisense® steam 70°C, prewash, glass 40°C, eco 50°C, Intensive 70°C, overnight 55°C (silent program with just noise levels of 39dBA), quick 45°C 30 minute programme

- 5 Special Options including: Anti-bacterial Rinse, Jet Pro Clean, Top / Bottom zone selection, Touch Control Display

-ProComfort Rack - a third zone in the dishwasher, specifically designed to deposit cutlery

-Zone Selection

-Upper level rack is height-adjustable

-Lower level racks are foldable

- Dimensions H x W x D: 850 x 597 x 590

- 2 Year Warranty

Key features
Key benefits
Intellisense® Technology
Recognises the level of dirt particles suspended in the water and automatically adjusts the wash cycle, meaning you can save up to 50%* on energy, water and time.
Jet Pro Clean®
Innovative powerful rotating jet sprays at the back of the machine guarantee perfect cleaning on tough soiled items, so there’s no need for pre-dishwasher hand washing.
Steam Clean®
Enhances cleaning by utilizing the power of steam to soften stubborn stains
ProComfort Rack
A dedicated cutlery zone guarantees maximum space for all your loading requirements, and allows you to maximise the space available in the rest of the machine.
Overnight Programme
A minimal noise programme that allows you to start a cycle overnight, minimising any disturbance.

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